Transfer funds

We will be gradually phasing out the UniKey/Extro payment system, and introducing SydPay, a new way to pay on campus.

While you can recharge your Unikey account in the meantime, we recommend limiting your top-up amount to what you expect to use in the short-term only.

Find out more about the new SydPay account system

This form allows you to transfer funds between different UniKey accounts. Before you transfer your funds, please read the following:

  • A 40 cent transaction fee is charged to the user making the transfer. This is charged in addition to the requested transfer amount.
  • Once you have completed a transfer transaction it cannot be reversed.
  • Check the "To UniKey" carefully before proceeding.
  • The transfer is recorded in the balances for both accounts and may be audited by the University's auditors.

To transfer funds between UniKey accounts you need to:

  1. Type the UniKey that contains the funds that need to be transferred in the From UniKey field
  2. Type the UniKey password for the UniKey account that contains the funds being transferred in the UniKey password field
  3. Type the UniKey of the account that is receiving funds in the To UniKey field
  4. Type the amount that you wish to transfer in the Amount to transfer $ field (eg if you want to transfer $10.35, type 10.35)
  5. Click Transfer
  6. Wait for the confirmation screen to appear to signify the transfer has been successful
Eg. 20.56