Synchronise my password

Synchronising your password allows you to ensure that your UniKey password is the same across all different systems and the one password is used if you have multiple UniKey accounts. You may need to synchronise your password if:

  • You know what your password is but you cannot log into one system when you know your password works for everything else
  • You have multiple accounts and you know a password for one of your accounts and not the other. Synchronising your password will change the password across all other accounts to the same one as the one that you know.
  • You have just been migrated onto to Exchange system and you need to synchronise your password with that system.

To synchronise your UniKey password, you need to:

  1. Type your UniKey in the UniKey field
  2. Type your UniKey password in the UniKey password field
  3. Click Synchronise my password

A confirmation message will display when your password has successfully been synchronised.