Change my UniKey options

You have the option of enabling/disabling optional services that are accessed using your UniKey account. These options include enabling VPN or Web access, or changing your allocated amount of networked disk space.

If you are adding an option that incurs a monthly fee (such as modem access or disk space) you will be charged the pro-rata monthly fee as soon as you add the option.

To change your UniKey account options you need to:

  1. Type your UniKey in the UniKey field
  2. Type your UniKey password in the UniKey password field
  3. Click Submit
  4. The Extro Account - Change User Options screen displays, type the quota for disk space and/or select the account options you wish to change
    Note: if the check box is ticked this means that the option is enabled
  5. Type your UniKey in the User Login field
  6. Type your UniKey password in the User Password field
  7. Click Change Options

A confirmation screen will display when you have successfully changed your Unikey account options.