Change member's password

This form allows you to reset the UniKey password of a user in your group. This is useful if the user has forgotten their UniKey password or if their UniKey accout has been compromised.

Creating a password that is difficult to guess improves the security of your account. Your new UniKey password must:

  • contain both upper and lower case letters and at least one number
  • be between eight and sixteen characters long
  • not contain non-English characters, the ampersand character (&), the space character ( ) or the 'less than' character (<)
  • not be based on an English word or contain your UniKey.

For ideas on how to create a strong password, please visit ICT Ask Sydney.

To change the UniKey password of a user that belongs to your billing group, you need to:

  1. Type your UniKey in the Master User's UniKey field
  2. Type your UniKey password in the Master User's UniKey password field
  3. Type the UniKey of the user whose password you are changing in the User's UniKey field
  4. Type their new UniKey password in User's new password field
  5. Type their new UniKey password in Re-enter User's new password field
  6. Click Change member's password

A confirmation message will display when you have successfully changed your group member's password.