Request a refund

This form allows you to request for a UniKey account payment to be refunded to the credit card that it was paid from.

There is a 25 cent transaction fee charged against your UniKey account. You will be charged this fee even if your payment is declined so make sure that your payment details are correct before submitting them for processing.

To request a credit card refund, you need to:

  1. Type your UniKey in the UniKey field
  2. Type your UniKey password in the UniKey password field
  3. Select the Credit card type from the drop-down menu
  4. Type your credit card number in the Credit card number field
  5. Type the name as it appears on the credit card in the Name on credit card field
  6. Type the credit card expiry date in the Credit card expiry field
  7. Select the Refund type from the drop-down menu
  8. If you have selected to refund a Partial amount enter the amount you wish to refund in dollars and cents (eg 20.95) in the Amount field
  9. Click Request refund
  10. Wait for the confirmation screen to appear to signify that that a refund has succcessfully been processed

MM/YY Eg. 06/11 or 11/12
(only required for partial refunds)